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Actually making a difference

Talan’s talks are a truly honest account of the life he has experienced. He speaks from the heart about all the lessons, the good and the bad times, balancing tragedy with humour, leaving you with a totally fresh outlook on life. The encounter will leave a lasting legacy, changing the way you work, and the way you live your life.

Over the course of fourteen years he has given presentations to a wide variety of audiences, from five year olds at primary schools to the senior management of companies, the military and the emergency services.  The talks run on a similar theme but can incorporate specific message that the organisers wish to get across.  


You will be inspired, motivated and empowered.  We know of one person that went on to summit Everest after listening to Talan’s talk, and deciding to act up the message he was given.  Everyone has their own personal Everest to climb, Talan will hopefully give you the choice to take the first step forward.

In the current climate Talan has adapted his talks to be held virtually. To fit in with Zoom/Teams meetings, the talks are nominally 30 minutes in length, with time after for Q&A. 


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