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What others have said about Talan

Talan Skeels-Piggins at a speaking engagement

Talan Skeels-Piggins is an inspirational speaker

Chief Insp A Davies, Stafford Police: “On a personal note a huge thank you from me.  You are truly an inspiration, your humility and your sense of purpose in the face of what you have had to overcome is without doubt  thought provoking.

“I feel extremely privileged to have been able to listen to you and have the opportunity to learn from you. I wish you every success in your next adventures and I sincerely hope you will consider coming back to us and giving us the next instalment of your life.”

Lorraine,  Marketing Executive Publications,  RCI:
‘I just wanted to say a massive thank you to you and everyone else involved in organising today’s town hall. Talan is a real inspiration in overcoming such an adverse situation with such drive, determination and a positive attitude towards life – it really puts things into perspective.   Thanks again.”

John Fitzpatrick  Head of Business Studies and Dolphin House, Colston’s School: “Talan has now spoken twice at our school (firstly, to the entire sixth form and more recently, to Years 10 and 11).   He is an excellent speaker, and was a real inspiration to both the students and the staff in attendance.  At both talks, the way Talan pitched his presentation to his audience was spot-on and he was extremely engaging.  After he had spoken, a considerable number of students were still talking about the presentation and they all agreed that it was the best assembly that they had ever experienced.

“Talan’s talk was ideal for our Year 11 students to hear just before they embarked on their exams and made them realise the importance of not giving up and determination.

“I have organised a number of speaking events and would not hesitate to recommend Talan for any audience.  When speaking, he completely transfixes his audience: you cannot fail to be both moved and highly motivated by him.”

Feedback received

The following are taken from the evaluation sheets at the SAWP Conference in which Talan was the keynote speaker:

  • ‘very empowering, made me think about how much I moan, when really I should embrace and enjoy what I have done’
  • ‘It has inspired me to try harder and set goals and never give up’
  • ‘Talan a truly remarkable and beautiful person’
  • ‘Talan was inspirational and brings you back to reality and down to earth’
  • ‘A very positive message – you can turn negatives into positives’
  • ‘Talan – Brilliant – how to overcome adversity in the extreme – inspirational’

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