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Talan is a qualified Talented Athlete Lifestyle Support (TALS) mentor. He is also currently working as a Consultant Business Mentor for Finito and an Athlete Mentor for the True Athlete Project.

1-2-1 Mentoring. Group Mentoring. Facilitator. Executive Coaching.....each requires a unique approach for the specifics of the client. Whether you are an executive or athlete, you can benefit from working alongside a mentor.


A truly skilled mentor cannot learn solely from a book or attending a course, they need to have been through 'life experiences' and come out the other side, enriched and with a greater comprehension of what works in the real world. Talan's own journey has made him an insightful mentor, who has empathy and understanding as well as the theoretical background.

Working with the person to discover the right course of action takes time and patience, as well as the ability to listen without prejudice or pre-conceptions. Talan's approach will be individual, confidential, personal, and will enable you to grow from a productive and rewarding experience. 


In the current climate, mentoring is now taking place on various platforms (such as ZOOM or TEAMS), whichever is most suitable for you, the client. 


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